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Killy Kilford is a British NYC-based painter, published author and creative change consultant. As a sound color synesthete, Kilford sees colors when he hears music, and for the last ten years his painting practice has focused on the creation of over one hundred large abstract musical landscapes; all painted live on stage during the performances of renowned musicians including Iggy Pop, Damon Albarn, Buena Vista Social Club, The Vaccines, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

Kilford is a former executive consultant to the British Government who commissioned him to write several books that help public and private sector organizations to manage change more effectively.

After moving to Manhattan in January 2013, Kilford was drawn immediately to street signs whilst walking around the city. The signs triggered a fusion of his inspirations including semiotics, well-being statistics, contemporary American fine art, behavioral science and love.

The outcome was the creation of a new series of paintings that juxtaposed traditional street sign structures with motivational phrases that aim to inspire well-being and positive change. The paintings were then used to manufacture two hundred government specification street signs, which he then unofficially installed with a team of over fifty volunteers in Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Kilford is creating his next series of Happy Street Sign paintings from his studio in TriBeCa, New York City.

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